Virtual events are here to stay

So don’t stay behind. While holding some new challenges, virtual events also present massive potential to reach people. And challenges are not an issue when you possess the needed experience. As organizers of the biggest virtual event on presentation skills in the world, we know a thing or two about this.

Don't leave it to chance. Leave it to us.

Creative concept

From the name and the visual identity to the script and the interactions with the audience – we have the capacity and the firepower to create a full-blown, 360° event concept. We may sound overconfident but that’s because we’ve been there, done that, as the saying goes.

Planning & Project Management

There are only so many hours in a day and we know yours are full. That’s why we can handle all of the planning and oversee every detail from it – from pre-event organization to post-event follow-ups. Deadlines and organizational challenges are our issue, not yours.


There’s a long way from idea to execution and we know it like the palms of our hands. We will take care of every technical detail, the streaming platform, the venue, the presenters’ set-ups, the digital assets like banners, templates. All the things you didn’t even know are needed.

Presentation design

Our designers are going to take care of all your speaker’s presentations. We are going to ensure every slide looks stunning. So you don’t have to think about fonts, colours, and images. No matter how many the speakers you can be rest assured they will communicate their messages effectively.

Speakers coaching

All of your speakers receive private individual one-on-one consulting sessions. They are all practicing and receiving feedback to polish every move until perfection. How to start, when to pause, how to make connections – everything about delivery and body language.

Virtual Events Benefits

Why making them our responsibility

Peace of mind

You already have tons of responsibilities on your shoulders and there's no need of adding the creation of the ideal event to the list. Leave that be on our minds.

Measurable results

You are totally right! You are making an investment and you want to ensure both yourself and your company it won't be in vain. With a virtual event organized by us, you'll know where your budget went and what it has achieved.

Quality & Consistency

It would be perfectly clear that all the presentations and all the speakers are part of the same exceptional event.

Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness

We’re at your disposal no matter of your company size, industry or location

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